Vision and Mission

To promote and ensure a peaceful society through the use of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) mechanisms with particular emphasis on Mediation and Conciliation


The core objectives of ICMC Lagos are to:

  1. Promote, regulate and build capacity for the use of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) mechanisms to enhance law and order, access to justice, safety and security.
  2. Promote all forms of peace building, mediation and conciliation.
  3. Promote the integration of continuous dialogue, peace building and popular participation in all policies of governance.
  4. Regulate and improve the practice of mediation, negotiation, conciliation and peace building in Nigeria.
  5. Train, accredit and certify mediators, conciliators and peace builders across Nigeria, and induct them into the Institute to practice.
  6. Set the standard for the practice of mediation and conciliation in Nigeria.
  7. Establish, operate and manage mediation and conflict resolution centres.
  8. Provide neutrals for the resolution of all forms of disputes etc.
  9. Provide consultancy services on peace building strategies to build and sustain harmonious relationships.
  10. Create platforms for members to interact and network.